Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be a new lease of life for some people and can either be worn full time or part time.

A huge selection of contact lenses are available nowadays including daily disposables, gas permeables, and toric lenses for astigmatism to suit every individual requirement. The initial visit and examination can take about hour.

During the appointment your eyes will be examined and measured to determine what style of contact lens would best suit your visual requirements.

A trial contact lens will be applied to your eyes and we will assess it for fit and visual acuity. On deciding on the contact lens that suits your eyes best you will be taught how to handle, apply and remove the contact lens from your eyes. You will then be given your trial contact lenses to allow you try them out at home over a few days. We will then carry out an aftercare appointment to ensure that the contact lenses are suiting your eyes.

Continuing advances in contact lens development such as the use of thin breathable materials and blink-activated moisture release systems-means today’s soft contact lenses have a more comfortable feel and are healthier than ever before.

It might surprise you to learn that children are the best age group for safely using contact lenses. Children tend to adapt to things-including contact lenses-very quickly, and clinical studies have shown children to be very competent at wearing and caring for contact lenses.

Prices for daily disposables start at €1 per wear, and monthly disposables start at only 54 cent per wear. Price match guaranteed.