Here at Murphys the Opticians our aim is to create a personal eyecare experience for every client. Your eye examination with our senior optometrist lasts a minimum of 40minutes so as to allow the optometrist to carry out a range of tests tailored to your individual needs. 


During the eye exam, we will assess your vision and the overall health of your eyes. The extra time our optometrist spends with you is not just about the technical elements of the eye exam. It allows us to give you better advice and recommendations. We take more time to find out about you, any concerns you have, what your preferences are, how you use your eyes, and what type of work you do. 

We have a close working relationship with top ophthalmologists and clinics in the area, and should you require a referral for any eye health issue, our optometrist will be able to refer you to the right ophthalmologist so you will be in good hands throughout.