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We believe that eyewear is more than just a necessity – it’s an expression of your individuality and should be seen as an essential part of your overall look. If you don’t know what suits you, if you can’t find eyewear that fits and are in need of some styling advice and professional expertise, you have come to the right place.

We carefully select our eyewear collections by travelling to European cities to meet the best designers in the world. Our unique eyewear styling consultation will transform how you feel about your glasses by combining the best optical clarity with premium Zeiss lenses, beautiful frames and experienced passionate staff.


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The Best of Independent Eyewear Design

Our type of eyewear – niche independent eyewear – is the vinyl record of our industry. Our eyewear collections include Anne et Valentin (France), Theo (Belgium), L.G.R (Italy), Silhouette (Austria), SALT (California), Garrett Leight (California) Bellinger (Denmark),Orgreen (Denmark) and  Sabine Be (France) – the likes of which you won’t see everywhere else. We pair exclusive eyewear with premium Zeiss lenses as part of a unique eyewear styling consultation. This ensures your vision is as clear and sharp as possible.

The quality and craftmanship is superb, handmade or hand-finished, these frames have been produced with the greatest care and best techniques by somebody who is passionate about making world class eyewear. The design is sublime and individual.

Whether for everyday wear, or that special occasion, these are glasses with that individual feel, not worn by the crowds. And by the way, we accept outside prescriptions too!

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Zoe in @anneetvalentin 💞💞

Anne et Valentin eyewear is renowned for its distinctive and avant-garde designs, blending innovation with tradition. Founded in Toulouse, France, the brand has been crafting unique and high-quality eyewear for over 30 years. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting a commitment to artistry and precision.

We love the combination of green, tortoiseshell and purple on Zoe. She looks fantastic!

For an eye exam or eyewear update, call or visit us online www.ajm.ie to arrange your appointment ☎️ 

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Something special ✨️ 

The lovely Mariga wears @theoeyewear. This is definitely a one of a kind piece; a titanium style in a matte black and gold colour combination. More is .... just more! 

Perfect for @skinessentialsbymariga ❤️

If you are looking for something unique and like experimenting with different styles, you'll love our new arrivals. 

For an eye exam or eyewear update, please call or visit us online www.ajm.ie ☎️ 

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We can't guarantee lovely weather, but we can promise perfect eyewear!

Here's Kathryn looking fabulous in @theoeyewear from the Painters Palettes family. For all the colour lovers out there, Theo gives you the best of both worlds -  colour combinations that you have never seen before that compliment your whole look 🌈 

LOVE this look on Kathryn ❤️

Open today until 1:30pm.

For an eye exam or eyewear update, call 0539142662 or visit us online www.ajm.ie ☎️

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How great does Sarah look? 🌟 

She wears her new pair of Theo frames paired with personalised Zeiss lenses. We ❤️ the green and clear colourway. Perfect choice, Sarah 👌 

For appointments, please call or visit us online www.ajm.ie ☎️ 

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Into the blue 💙 

Edel wears Anne et Valentin. Without a doubt, blue is her colour, and the soft geometric shape perfectly frames her eyes. 

Love this look!

If you are looking for something unique yet timeless, we've got you covered. 

For appointments, please call or visit us online www.ajm.ie ☎️ 

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Here's the gorgeous Angela in her new pair of @anneetvalentin eyewear. ✨️

Each piece of Anne et Valentin eyewear is carefully curated, keeping aesthetics, quality, and comfort in mind. Their hugely talented designers constantly seek inspiration from different sources; fashion, art, architecture, and nature so as to ensure that each piece has a unique story to tell 🤲

Angela wears a beautiful, oversized style in a navy chunky acetate. LOVE this look 💙

For an eye exam or eyewear update, call or visit us online www.ajm.ie ☎️ 

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Eyewear that perfectly matches your vibes 👌

Diarmuid was on a brief trip back home from Sweden and timed it with an eye exam and eyewear update. The winner was a chunky style from SALT in a transparent navy acetate. Designed by Californian opticians and handcrafted in Japan 🏆 

Style ✔️
Sustainability ✔️
Craftsmanship ✔️

Your eyewear is the first thing people see when they meet you, we believe it should be special. 

For an eye exam and eyewear update, call or visit us online www.ajm.ie ☎️ 

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